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REMA - Highest safety with REMA grinding and polishing machines

Reichmann grinding and polishing machines are designed for safe and durable use. Nevertheless, the operation of hand-held grinding and polishing machines may involve risks for the user. In order to best protect the machine operator against dangers, REMA grinding and polishing machines can be supplied with a wide range of safety equipment.

Engine brake und emergency stop switch

REMA grinding and polishing machines are optionally equipped with an engine brake and an emergency stop switch. The engine brake allows the machine to brake to a standstill in just 3 seconds after pressing the off switch or the emergency stop switch.

The emergency stop switch can be supplied as a foot emergency stop switch or as a push button. This safety element ensures that the operator can reach the emergency stop device as quickly as possible in a moment of danger and shut down the machine immediately. This ensures maximum safety for the operator.

Protection against grinding dust and sparks

An optional eye protection shield prevents sparks or grinding abrasions from getting into the eyes of the machine operator. Nevertheless, safety goggles should be worn during operation. With an integrated suction, you can create a healthy working environment for your employees. The resulting grinding dust is sucked off directly during the grinding process and does not get into the respiratory tract of the machine operator.

Wide variety of REMA grinding and polishing machines

The company Reichmann & Sohn GmbH offers under the brand REMA a complete range of workshop grinding machines in table and stand versions. Different performances and grinding wheel sizes ensure the usage in a wide variety of areas. For 100 years, REMA machines are known for reliable and robust machine designs "Made in Germany" and a long service life.

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