Customized service machines for the production environment at Moment Skis

Reichmann ski service machines are not only used in sports stores or ski rental companies. Reichmann also offers ski manufacturers highly efficient and powerful machines that are specially tailored to the requirements of the production environment.

One example of this is the American ski manufacturer Moment Skis in Reno, Nevada. CEO Luke Jacobson has been working with Reichmann service machines right from the start. One reason for this is the robust and powerful design of Reichmann machines, which is crucial in the production environment. Jacobson also appreciates the small modifications and adjustments that Reichmann has made to the machines in order to meet the ski manufacturer's specific requirements.

Over the years, Moment Skis has continuously expanded and modernized its machinery. Individual special machines for specific work steps in ski production, such as polishing the sidewall, have been in reliable use for decades. The PROFI B belt grinding machine from Reichmann is also available as a professional version especially for use by ski manufacturers. Several belt grinders from the PROFI B machine series are currently in continuous operation at Moment Skis.

Automation ensures a leap in efficiency

Moment Skis recently invested in state-of-the-art automation solutions with the SF-4 RACE automatic service machine and the DTS-U II Race automatic edge tuning machine. The Reichmann SF-4 Race with two double stone modules enables four stone contacts in one ski pass and thus ensures maximum efficiency in base grinding. Luke Jacobson is delighted with the high quality of service and the increased efficiency thanks to automation. "With the new machine setup, one employee can take over the job of 4 to 5 people and work on several machines at the same time."

The DTS-U II Race edge grinding machine also impresses in the production environment. "The quality of the edge tuning finish with the DTS-U II Race is just superior," says Luke Jacobson.

The new video from the Reichmann video series "Passion for the ultimate tune" offers a comprehensive insight into customer feedback and the processes of ski production and the ski service workshop at Moment Skis.


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