Future-oriented solutions for the foundry industry inspire GIFA trade show visitors

Sustainability, artificial intelligence as well as shortage of skilled workers and energy shortage are the present topics of the foundry industry and this year's GIFA trade show. With the new MAUS machine line and the patent-pending self-optimization software MAUS CAAT, Reichmann presented future-oriented solutions for the challenges of the industry at GIFA.

Reichmann Casting Finishing looks back to a very successful GIFA trade show. The numerous visitors with a high international share showed strong interest in automated solutions for casting finishing. Due to the continuing shortage of skilled workers, the automation of casting finishing is an important measure for securing the future and maintaining capacity in foundries.

Automatic grinding at highest level

At GIFA, Reichmann presented the new automatic grinding centers Maus 600-2200, which can process a wide range from small to very large and heavy castings. The MAUS machine line offers automatic grinding at the highest level "Made in Germany". An optional laser measurement corrects casting variations and thus ensures finished contours without reworking. The modern control system enables particularly simple and fast program creation. It also opens up a wide range of possibilities in the direction of IIoT, Industry 4.0/5.0 and artificial intelligence.

World premiere: Self-optimization of machining programs with MAUS CAAT

Reichmann's patent-pending MAUS CAAT self-optimization software was presented to visitors for the first time at GIFA. MAUS CAAT utilizes the new potentials of the control system and provides the operator with machine data such as spindle and drive power in a structured and visual form for the first time. The software uses this data to independently optimize machining programs to a previously unattainable depth. In this way, significant reductions in cycle times and increases in productivity can be achieved in a very short time. Visitors to the trade show were impressed by the new possibilities for program optimization and the associated economic benefits for the foundry.

GIFA in Düsseldorf is recognized worldwide as the most important trade fair for the foundry and metal industry. Reichmann has been using GIFA for many years as a platform for presenting new technologies and machine solutions for the foundry industry.


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