New Depot lockers „Sequence“ unite elegance, individuality and functionality

The new line of depot lockers is characterised by a clever configuration and efficient storage and drying of ski equipment. With the further development of ergonomics and shapes, a particularly elegant and at the same time functional locker has been created. The wide variety of selectable materials, fronts and equipment elements allow for a particularly individual configuration.

User guidance using pictograms

In the modern and at the same time functional interior of the "Sequence" line, the order in which the equipment is arranged is intelligent and clearly defined. Pictograms in the cabinet indicate in which order and in which place which equipment finds its optimal place. This makes the best possible use of space and users have quick access to the stored equipment.

Wide range of customisation options

Reichmann storage lockers can be individually configured with different locking systems, door designs, water drainage options or accessories. The new depot lockers of the "Sequence" line offer additional customisation options such as USB sockets, LED locker lighting or shelves for glasses. In this way, the "Sequence" lockers enable even greater comfort for the winter sports enthusiast. With different materials and colours, the exterior and interior locker look can be very individually adapted to the interior and the character of the surroundings. In this way, the Depot Lockers of the "Sequence" line create a unique space in the ski depot.

High quality and drying efficiency

The depot lockers offer space for storing and drying all winter sports equipment in a robust and durable housing. The integrated drying rods for ski boots, helmets or gloves convince with high drying efficiency at low energy consumption.