Successful POLYMAT PRO premiere in Weissenhorn

On two dates in October, Reichmann welcomed sports retailers and rental companies from Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland to the exclusive premiere of the new POLYMAT PRO base repair machine in Weissenhorn. The innovation with running patent application sets new standards in automatic base repair for skis and snowboards and met with great interest among the guests.


For years, Reichmann Ski & Board Tuning has been a leader in the development of new technologies for the professional ski service business and has filed patents for some of its most recent innovations. The new POLYMAT PRO is another milestone for Reichmann and the winter sports industry.

The new base repair device for skis and snowboards was developed with the aim of solving current problems and challenges in base melting. A round of discussions with sports retailers and workshop staff showed that there are quite a few of these. High energy and material consumption, unhealthy vapors, poor durability of the material and high time efforts are just some of the current challenges that need to be solved.

The new technology of the POLYMAT PRO eliminates all of these problems at once and sets new standards in automatic base repair for skis and snowboards.


Modern camera technology in the POLYMAT PRO revolutionizes automatic base repair

In contrast to the automatic melting processes currently on the market, which cover the entire base with repair material, the POLYMAT PRO specifically repairs only where there is a scratch or damage. This is made possible by the integrated camera technology, which detects damaged areas in the base precisely in length, width and depth and controls the melting process. This process offers a whole range of advantages, such as very low material and energy consumption, minimal vapors, good bonding of the material with the base and a long service life of the winter sports equipment. The workshop employee also saves a lot of time because there is no need for time-consuming regrinding.


The new development is attracting great interest from visitors

At the premiere in Weissenhorn, participants had the opportunity to experience the new POLYMAT PRO technology first hand and to see for themselves its efficiency and service quality. “We are very pleased that so many visitors from different regions and countries came to Weissenhorn for our premiere. This confirms to us that there is a high demand for innovative solutions in the market and that we are making an important contribution to even greater efficiency, sustainability and service quality with our new POLYMAT PRO,” says Stefan Reichmann, managing director of the family business in 4th generation.

The new base repair device will be available on the market for the next winter season 2024/25.


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