New software generation: Reichmann presents upgrade for SF-4 Race service robot

The SF-4 Race service robot is now equipped with a new powerful Beckhoff control. This offers a wide range of new functions and advantages for the machine operator. These include significantly simplified programme and structure creation with an intuitive structure simulator as well as new diagnostic functions and grinding statistics.

The latest software generation with Windows 10-based interface ensures even more operating comfort, efficiency and transparency. In addition to the Slope Master service machine, the SF-4 Race service robot now also benefits from the new user interface with numerous new features.

Intuitive operation increases operational efficiency and ensures high staff acceptance

The new software significantly reduces the time and complexity required to create programmes and structures. An attractive user interface with simplified readability in "dark mode" guides the service staff visually and intuitively through the operation of the machine. Potential sources of error have been minimised, which is why the operator can now easily create or edit programmes independently. Even new personnel can familiarise themselves with the operation of the service machine in a very short time. The integrated structure simulator supports the staff in visualising and creating new structures. This makes it even easier to consistently achieve the best grinding results adapted to individual customer requirements. The 15-inch resistive touch panel can be operated with gloves which is very comfortable for the staff.

High level of transparency and control

Thanks to the integrated grinding statistics, monthly and annual expenses of ground skis, boards or cross-country skis can be calculated for the business. This way, business owners achieve a very high transparency of their costs and operating efficiency.

The Windows-based interface offers the best conditions for diagnostics, support and networking. For example, diagnostic functions can help the service team to optimise grinding results via remote maintenance or on-site at the machine.