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CASTING FINISHING - Automatic fettling of steel castings

Reichmann Casting Finishing again confirmed its expertise in fettling the last year. For a German steel foundry, a plane grinder was developed by taking into account the customer wishes. This machine offers a unique selling proposition in the sector regarding the abrasion performance.

The plane grinder PM 6 developed by Reichmann is constructed to withstand the demands of the harsh foundry environment. A high performance abrasive ring is used to remove risers and sprues on high-alloyed steel castings. The grinding process is NC-controlled and operates automatically. The sound proof cabin protects the user effectively from flying sparks and swarf.

PM 6 meets customer requirements of steel casting industry

A high abrasion performance in shortest time is an especially significant cost advantage when it comes to hard-to-cut steel castings. For the customer, which produces steel castings for construction and agricultural machines, an outstanding abrasion performance of up to 5 mm per hub has been realised. Thus, the customer requirements could be met with particular success.

Continuing development of the fettling competence

The business sector Casting Finishing has gathered a long-time experience and competence in developing solutions for fettling of steel and iron castings. Nevertheless, the existing know-how is continuously improved to reach further cost reductions in the future. 

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