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SKI & BOARD TUNING - Ski service experts provide practical knowledge for the ultimate grind

From October 8 to 10, numerous ski service providers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy took the opportunity to learn from specialists in the ski service business at the Reichmann service workshops. Both beginners as well as advanced ski grinders could take valuable experiences and tips from the practice.

Comprehensive basic knowledge for ski service beginners

As a lead-in to the ski service topic, a basic workshop was on the agenda on the first day. All ski service newbies were first familiarized in a short theory section with the most important basics from the ski acceptance at the shop counter to waxing. Afterwards, the participants were able to "service" their skis on their own, from edge grinding over the suitable base structure to waxing. Three service experts assisted the newcomers.

Helpful practical tips combined with the latest tools and technologies

At the thematic workshops on the following days, the participants were able to deepen their already existing knowledge even further. The long-time workshop coach Matthias Fleissner trained the service staff in applying the appropriate base structure. Matthias has his own ski service workshop in Lenggries and has been a service technician for the Ski Cross Team of the German Ski Association for many years. As a new face, the ski service specialist Hubert Walther presented the participants the latest waxing methods and the innovative, environmentally friendly wax alternative Gigaglide. The Reichmann service manager Siegfried Ersing covered the topic edge tuning and race preparation by hand. As a final highlight, each participant got an individual laser structure for their skis.

Trained service staff creates customer trust

"Some of our customers come to the workshop every year to keep taking new tips from our experts in the ski service business and constantly improving themselves," says Siegfried Ersing, Reichmann Service Manager. "We are very pleased that the workshops are so well received. Regular training and education are essential in order to be able to offer customers a high quality service and convince them through good quality."

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