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CASTING FINISHING - Round parts grinding with robot palletizing

In foundries for car and truck brake discs and drums there is a high demand for automated solutions from Reichmann Casting Finishing. For further processing of round parts in the foundry, sprue residues must be removed from the castings. Automated processes are needed here to relieve the staff, increase productivity and thus save costs and time. This year, Reichmann will be delivering 14 grinding lines for deburring round parts to customers worldwide.

High efficiency convinces customers worldwide

The deburring grinding lines from Reichmann effectively remove burrs and sprues and are flexibly applicable for round parts with different diameters. With extremely short cycle times of 5 seconds per casting, the deburring grinding machines impress customers worldwide with their high productivity. For foundry customers with frequent product type changes, the machine can easily be converted to different castings within 2 to 5 minutes. Experience has also shown that the automatic deburring of the brake discs significantly reduces tool costs during subsequent mechanical processing.

Robot palletizing relieves personnel

The manual loading and unloading of the workpieces is an exhausting and back straining work for the foundry staff. To relieve the employees, Reichmann equips the brake disc deburring machines with a fully automatic unmanned feeder and an automatic robot palletizing system. The tedious stacking of the finished brake discs thus takes over a palletizing robot. For stacking any grid box of the customer can be used. The robot is intuitively and flexibly programmed to the dimensions of the box and the desired stack pattern. As soon as a box is filled, the robot automatically switches to the next empty grid box. Thus, the entire machining process from the loading to the stacking can be done unmanned.

World market leader in automatic casting finishing

Reichmann Casting Finishing is the world's leading supplier of machines for casting post-processing and fettling technology. The name Reichmann is known for robust machine constructions "Made in Germany", a long machine lifetime and reliable high availability. Foundries invest with a Reichmann machine in consistently high quality, economic processes and ergonomic working conditions.

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