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CASTING FINISHING - Robot cutting and grinding of steel and high-alloyed castings

Automated casting finishing is becoming increasingly important in foundries in order to further increase efficiency and quality. That is why foundries around the world rely on Reichmann Casting Finishing's automatic cutting and grinding machines. The Robot Fettling Center unites the flexibility of a robot with the high performance of the grinding and cutting processes as well as the robust machine design, for which Reichmann is known all over the world.

Reichmann Casting Finishing has been developing robot solutions for years, which are adapted to the individual needs of the customers. From castings in the automotive and aerospace industries to medical technology - the Reichmann Robot Center can handle a wide variety of castings with high cutting and grinding quality. Depending on the requirements, the separating unit, grinding or belt grinding unit can be combined.

Economical and efficient casting fettling systems for foundries

The use of a workpiece guided robot makes it possible to align the casting exactly on the cutting or grinding wheel. Due to the high performance of the separating and grinding units in the Fettling Center, almost no process heat is transferred to the casting and tool. In this way, feeders and sprue residues on all required sides are removed in the shortest possible time and the so-called "blue cut" can be avoided. This means a consistent grinding quality without cracks and microstructural changes in the component. The low heat development also guarantees a long service life of the tools. For foundries that like to machine a wider range of castings in smaller batch sizes, tool-guided robot solutions can also be implemented.

With automated processes, foundries benefit from significant productivity gains, saving time and money. In addition, the use of robots facilitates the work of the staff and thus contributes to the humanization of the foundry workplaces and an increased safety standard.

100 years of expertise in grinding and cutting

Reichmann has been a competent partner in the field of cutting and grinding for 100 years. As a leading supplier of automatic fettling solutions, Reichmann cutting and grinding systems are reliably in use worldwide.

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