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CASTING FINISHING - Efficient cutting of sprue systems on castings

Modern foundries lay an increasing focus on the economic removal of burrs and risers on castings. Customers of the automotive and aircraft industry place high demands on the finished castings regarding surface treatment and tolerances. These requirements can be achieved with high process reliability by using suitable automatic fettling solutions.

Since nearly 100 years, Reichmann is a reliant partner for fully automatic fettling solutions. The innovative cutting and grinding machines simplify and accelerate the working processes in foundries and ensure a constantly high quality combined with a high output.

Time-saving cutting of gating systems on brake calipers

The automatic cutting-off machine TSF 350-M with rotary table loading developed by Reichmann is efficiently and exactly cutting-off risers at the inside and outside of brake calipers within 25 seconds. Loading and unloading is done during the work process, thus saving additional time compared to conventional systems. As one casting is cut automatically, the machine operator is unloading the finished work piece from outside and puts in another casting. Optionally, the unloading can be done with the help of a robot. The intuitively programming directly at the machine and the possibility to reuse selected programs for recurring castings offer a high potential of time saving in the cutting process.

High-quality separating cuts without structural changes on the work piece

During the cutting processes, the development of process heat in the casting has to be avoided at all times. Due to short contact times of the abrasive cutting wheel with the brake casting, the generating process heat is mainly dissipated with the sparks and the abrasion. The result is a casting with a light, metallic surface without “blue cut”, which is of particular high importance when it comes to safety components of the automotive industry.

Efficient cutting solutions by Reichmann

The Reichmann cutting-off machines guarantee a consistent cutting quality with an enormous repeating accuracy. The cut-to-finish performance frequently enables to cut extremely close to the casting which makes an after-treatment obsolete. With a wide product spectrum, Reichmann offers a suitable solution for the most diverse requirements and castings in any foundry.

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