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History - Reichmann & Sohn GmbH



In 1918 Josef Reichmann founded the company in Langgrün near Karlsbad in the Sudetenland. After he started the production of workshop grinding machines and polishing motors he started to increase his portfolio furthermore. That is how deburring and cut-off machines for iron foundries were integrated into the product range.



After the war Franz Reichmann, the son of Josef Reichmann, started in 1946 the production once again in Weissenhorn near Ulm. In view of the positive business performance the company could build up a new headquarter on an area of 20.000 qm in 1964.




of service machines for ski and snowboards

Besides grinding machines and polishing units, base and edge grinding machines, milling machines, ski-cleaning equipment and chain-linking equipment for the ski industry were produced. Until 1980 almost 1000 units of our SNS-O, a wet-belt sharpening machine with oscillation, had been sold to ski manufacturers and innovative ski service workshops worldwide. Some of these machines are still in use after more the 40 years. In 1982 Reichmann started to produce service machines for ski. In collaboration with worldwide sales partners our service machines for ski established in ski resorts, sport shops, rental shops, hotels, service workshops and well-known ski and snowboard manufacturers like Rossignol,  Völkl,  Nidecker, Scott or Head.


with robot-based remote

Since the 90s grinding machines for castings are the important third division of the Reichmann & Sohn GmbH.

This includes casting components of suppliers for the automotive industry (motor blocks, cylinder heads etc.), aviation industry (e.g. turbine blades), railways (axes, brake blocks, clutches etc.) as well as medical spares (e.g. hips, knees, nails or plates).The product portfolio of the Reichmann & Sohn GmbH ranges from workshop grinding machines, rough grinding machines, tool-grinding machines, twist drill machines, polishing blocks, brush blocks, belt grinding machines, power grinders, cut-off machines for hardened profile bars, cut-off grinding machines for precision cutting on tracks or waves as well as cut-off machines for the removal of joint flashes and separation of castings. Surface grinders in modern portals design are available in double-clamp or single operation. A special significance lay on our round part grinding machines, which are mainly used for the deburring of brake or clutch discs.


The Reichmann & Sohn GmbH has got his roots in cutting and grinding and consists of three independent divisions, which guarantee a stable turnover. Grinding, polishing and cut-off machines for the metal manufacturing sector, specialized grinding and deburring machines for iron foundries as well as service machines for ski and snowboard workshops enable a global appearance. In the meantime around 80 employees are working in a variety of different departments to realize the best customer solutions. The increasing internationalization of the last years required to integrate more and more partners into our global network of partners. At present we got development and sale partnerships in each important market, which ensures to cover the demands of high-quality products 'made in Germany' promptly.

The Reichmann & Sohn GmbH is managed by Stefan Reichmann in the fourth generation since 2012.