Innovation and sustainability: Reichmann presents trade show premieres at ISPO

With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Reichmann Ski & Board Tuning presented several new products at ISPO Munich this year. The innovations from Reichmann optimize the customer experience in winter sports, ensure time and cost-efficient work processes and are characterized by sustainability thinking.

Reichmann presents new application device for environmentally friendly ski wax alternative

The brand-new Reichmann GLIDE MASTER was an absolute highlight for the trade fair visitors. The practical and extremely space-saving application device covers the ski bases with the 100% biodegradable direct gliding fluid GigaGlide. This environmentally friendly ski wax alternative has already been tested several times by the Research Center for Snow, Ski and Alpine Sports FS²A in Innsbruck and a durability of up to 7 days on the slopes as well as very good gliding properties have been proven. With the GLIDE MASTER, the liquid can be applied to the ski base in a matter of seconds and provides customers with long-lasting and sustainable fun on the slopes. Since the GLIDE MASTER does not require electricity, nor does it generate vapors, dust or heat, the application device is extremely convenient and flexible to use.

RACE WAXER enables extra long-lasting wax results of the extra class

The new Reichmann RACE WAXER also ensures sustainability. The new wax machine for the Glide Tapes from the Finnish ski wax manufacturer Optiwax achieves a high-end wax result for up to 200 kilometres on the slopes in just a few minutes. According to the manufacturer, the Optiwax Glide Tapes are currently the most durable wax on the market and last 3 to 7 times longer than conventional ski waxes. Compared to classic wax application with an iron, the RACE WAXER impresses with its extremely economical wax consumption and offers the possibility of direct brushing. This saves time and money for the user and gives customers a particularly long-lasting finish at World Cup level.

Extension of the SKICLICKER™ rental concept

With the SKICLICKER™ rental concept, Reichmann presents an innovation for ski rental. SKICLICKER™ makes it possible to optimize the entire processes in ski rental. To measure the existing ski boots in the rental, the visitors could discover a prototype of the SKICLICKER™ BOOT ANALYZER at ISPO, which will soon complete the SKICLICKER™ rental concept. The binding adjustment with the SKICLICKER SOLE™ instead of the ski boot brings more comfort and saves time for both the staff and the customers. As an addition to the SKICLICKER SOLE™, Reichmann presented the SKICLICKER SOLE™ JUNIOR for shorter sole lengths. The two tools now cover all ski boot sizes.

SF-4 RACE with new wax module

There was also something new to discover on the proven SF-4 service machine: the robot is now available with an efficient wax module. The Reichmann SF-4 Race now covers all service steps from pre-grinding to waxing and offers ready-to-race skis directly from the machine. In addition, the control panel has been equipped with a larger display for even greater ease of use.

Laser structure machine LS-1 RACE won ISPO Award 2020

The Reichmann LS-1 RACE celebrated its world premiere at ISPO last year and is already being used successfully by customers. As the first laser structure machine for ski service, the LS-1 RACE opens up completely new possibilities in driving performance and design for professional racing, ski manufacturers as well as sports retailers and ski rentals. The new technology enables exactly reproducible and precise structures in all conceivable variants - from classic cuts to logos and 3D profiles. In addition, environmentally harmful grinding waste is avoided. All this convinced the jury and made the LS-1 RACE an ISPO Award Winner 2020 in the Snowsports segment in the Retail & Service category.